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At Miranda Executive Realty we understand that a lot goes into selling a home. From staging your interior, to highlighting your property’s most marketable features, we take a detailed approach to achieve maximum exposure for your home while it’s on the market and getting you to the closing table faster.

Deciding to sell a property is only the first step towards selling your home. Before putting a property on the market, enlisting the services of a highly qualified real estate professional is essential. An experienced real estate professional will be able to navigate you through the evaluation process to determine if it is in fact the optimal time for you to sell your property. Once the perfect market placement for your home has been determined, it’s time to answer the question “how much should I list my house for?”

Miranda Executive Realty will help you answer that question by providing you with the most updated information about your property. Our real estate professionals will analyze how the market is responding to properties similar to yours, research competing and sold properties in your area, and ultimately create a tailored plan to get your property sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

We are dedicated to selling your home for the most amount of money,in the least amount of time. Our real estate professionals are committed to delivering an aggressive marketing plan that leverages the newest technology, while also integrating the old-school tried and true methods.


When calculating the perfect listing price there are many factors to consider. The Location of the home is of the utmost importance; identical houses – one in the middle of downtown, the other on the ocean – will be valued at much different price points. The difference of even neighborhood-to-neighborhood or street-to-street within a given neighborhood can either increase or decrease what the price of the house may be based on geographic location and views. Another factor to consider when deciding on the asking price of your home is supply and demand. If your property will be the only property for sale in a place that’s growing in popularity, you can expect to ask a lot more for your home than if it is one of many in the immediate vicinity. Our real estate professionals will work with you to determine a price that is in line with your homes value based on the market and your needs.


Exposure is the single most important factor when selling your home. Lets face it, all the numbers can look perfect, but if no one knows your home is on the market then we’ve lost before we’ve even started. Like anything else being sold, your property will need marketing in order to expose it to the maximum number of potential buyers. Specifically buyers who are in the market to buy properties like yours. Our real estate professionals work hard to choose the right advertising techniques while ensuring that your home is in the best condition to present to potential buyers. Our experienced professionals at Miranda Executive Realty are experts at putting your home’s best face forward.


The most important aspect of selling a house is the sale itself. Because the selling of a home often marks a transition in life. Like a new job or maybe an expanding family, there are a lot of moving parts that need to be handled. Our real estate professionals can help ease the the selling process during the most stressful moments of the transaction. Sometimes giving up a home – especially if it has been in the family for a longer period of time – can be emotional, and our real estate professionals can be the objective party to make sure your long-term interest stays at the forefront, and you get the best outcome possible.


The closing process can be stressful and complicated, especially if you don’t have the right team on your side. Between the initial sales agreement, settlement and closing, questions may arise. For example, unexpected repairs are required to obtain financing or a cloud in the title is discovered. The average seller or buyer will possibly find all the documentation and processes quite overwhelming. Our real estate professionals along with our in house transaction coordinator are trained to navigate the entire closing process. Our objective is to help you resolve any issues and move the transaction to closing as smoothly as possible


No one makes the final move easier than Miranda Executive Realty. With established relationships in relocation, enlisting help to move out of your recently sold home is a breeze. Additionally, companies relocating employees will find that with the assistance of Keyes Corporate Relocation Division, this process is much more fluid.


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