Fresh flower bed with a wheel barrow full of dirt.

Curb Appeal Window of Opportunity

The Best Time To Get Your Lawn Ready For Summer Curb Appeal

Southeast Florida garden enthusiasts already know. But for the rest of us who don’t have green thumbs, this is a very special time of year for your home’s curb appeal.

Or at least as far as gardening and landscaping are concerned.

The fall is prime season for transplanting existing plants and planting new plants.

Even if you’re not planning on selling your Coral Springs home anytime soon, it is still in your best interest to maximize your home’s curb appeal. Where pride of ownership is concerned, having beautiful plants in your front and back yard will have a major positive impact on visual appeal. Your neighbors and casual joggers may not notice the aesthetic difference your pleasantly appointed yard makes, but fresh landscaping is one area that is readily available, and within full control of every homeowner. (Unless you live in an HOA community, then there may be some restrictions.) Experienced gardeners will tell you, now is the best time of the year for making the most aesthetic difference in your curb appeal, for the least amount of money. Who doesn’t want to save money, right?

These Home Upgrades Have The Best Return On Investment

Fall’s cooler temperatures are what make all the difference. The soil maintaining much of summer’s warmth, along with the cool air temperature will cause less stress on the plant’s roots, as well as the gardener doing the work. Like squirrels in the winter, perennials hibernate in the winter. Their time in dormancy over the winter gives them a nice time to restore themselves. Additionally, it’s a stress-free way for their roots to take hold.

Most amateur gardeners begin by enhancing the variety of color in their gardens when spring begins. However, for spring blossoming bulbs, shrubs, perennials and trees, this is not the best time for planting and transplanting. Experts will tell you, the fall season is the best time to divide clusters of perennials that did well throughout the year. This is one trick the will help you spread color to other parts of your garden for a total investment of zero dollars. Keep an eye out for sales at local garden sales. There are a lot of places in Coral Springs that are trying to unload their garden inventory to make room for holiday inventory.

For house flippers with a short timeline, planting and transplanting may not be ideal. But for homeowners that don’t see selling their house on the horizon anytime soon, taking the long view of landscape enhancement is ideal and cost effective. The best time to begin your plans for the summer’s lush garden is October. And when the time comes to buy or sell real estate in Coral Springs or Broward County, we hope you’ll give us at Miranda Executive Realty a call. We’re always here for FREE, no obligation counseling and advice.


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