Concepts for a Bigger Kitchen

bigger kitchen

Concepts for a Bigger Kitchen

November 08, 2018 / Category: Home Selling, Home Selling Tips

We all know the important role a kitchen plays in any home. It is a gathering place for the entire family. If you are in a small uninviting space while preparing food, it affects your quality of experience. Are you looking to make improvements to your kitchen without spending a ton of money? How about giving the illusion of a bigger kitchen without breaking the bank? How about making it a place your entire family enjoys spending time in?


Recently author Brad Miller gave some tips on achieving a bigger kitchen on a budget in an article for Realty Times. He offered some ways to increase the value of your kitchen, make it appear larger, and do it all in an economical fashion. Below are some of his ideas:



  • Light the cabinets (reducing shadows will make a kitchen “feel roomier”. There are so many options including my favorite, glass-doored cabinets lit from the inside).
  • Purchase a narrow refrigerator (a tall, slim 28 inch model stores quite a lot of food).
  • Purchase a compact dishwasher (especially suitable for a condo).
  • Get rid of the double sinks (one single big sink is a real space saver; makes washing certain dishes easier; gives you more counter space).
  • Do away with some of the hardware (to give a less chaotic and more spacious look utilize press activated drawers and cabinet doors).
bigger kitchen
detail in a modern and new kitchen

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell?

Included in the Realty times article was an impressive array of photographs showing his bigger kitchen ideas. They really do make a kitchen look bigger on a budget.


Are you looking to sell your home? Consider pinpointing the cheapest improvements that can add value to your home. I can help you to identify any needed improvements. Please call today!



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