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Is Amazon.com Set To Dominate The Real Estate Industry

October 26, 2017 / Category: Home Buying Tips, Tiny Houses, Who You Hire Matters

Real Estate’s Unlikely New Player: Amazon.com

It’s official, Amazon has entered into the real estate business.

Although I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’ve entered in a big way.

In fact, I’d say it’s really happening in a “tiny” way.

A couple weeks ago, the unlikely news came in that the internet giant made it’s first move into the real estate word. Considering Coral Springs real estate (or any real estate for that matter) is by the very definition “local” The idea of mail order buying and selling may not include real estate. With this in mind, Amazon has found a way to succeed where many other industries have assumed failure (high-end fashion for example). As such, could Coral Springs (and more cities) be monopolized by Amazon Prime home sales? This question at least bears looking into.

After a little studying up on Amazon “real estate” it turns out Coral Springs real estate is not likely to be overcome by Amazon, not anytime soon at least. When searching on Amazon for “homes for sale“, the few listings for sale that showed up don’t seem likely to tempt many home shoppers looking for homes in the Southeast Florida region. The few homes for sale on Amazon were only able to be found when we specifically searched “tiny homes”- and the short list of homes offered were found listed between books written on how to build and design these tiny cabins.

Tiny House, or Mega Mansion-How to be Prepared to Buy When You’re Ready

If you don’t watch HGTV you may be wondering, what’s a “tiny home”? The answer may be relative, but if you go to Tiny House Community they would give the following definition: “…It’s a home of 400 square feet or less, either on wheels or a foundation. I consider a home of between 400 and 1000 square feet to be small.”

Although further research would show that some can be as small as 80 square feet. Most are in the 300 to 350 square foot range.

Even though you may not find too many “tiny homes” in Southeast Florida, and more specifically Coral Springs. It is a nation-wide phenomenon, very quickly becoming a movement. The “tiny house” concept is not as far-fetched as it may sound. If you’ve ever taken a vacation in a camper, or stayed for any stretch of time on a “house boat” or pleasure boat, then you already know your living space can be reduced to a significant minimum when planned carefully.


But I digress, back to Amazon. At the time of this writing the first listing was a pre-fabricated house converted from a shipping container. Marketed like an expert, the details point out the key selling points (in this instance, they included the fact that the container is “new”). For sale at a nifty $12,995.00 + $2,000 shipping and handling, or another for $36,000.00 + $3,754.49 shipping. Either one is even more thrifty if the $0.00 estimated tax is accurate. Customer reviews are mixed, with one in particular pointing out a possible issue: meeting building codes. Which can be especially tricky in Coral Springs and Southeast Florida in general. Plus, millions of Amazon Prime members who relish their free delivery are bound to be disappointed upon finding their new home isn’t eligible for free delivery.


All this being said, if your home buying or selling criteria require more than just a “tiny home”, Miranda Executive Realty is here to help. And if you are looking for a “tiny house” give us a call anyway. We’ve done our research and may be able to offer some guidance before or during your “tiny home” search. There are communities in Florida that are embracing this movement.

As always please feel free to share this article with anyone and everyone you think may find this information helpful. We look forward to speaking soon.


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