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Preparing To Sell Your Home? – Choose The Right Improvements!

Which Upgrade Will Make You The Most Money When You Sell?

A major question we encounter with homeowners thinking to sell their homes lately revolve around which projects they should undertake prior to putting their home on the market for sale.

There is almost always some level of consternation regarding how much time, money and effort will be required and to what extent the projects should be completed.

There’s always the obvious punch list to take care of the areas where the home shows wear and tear. The questions arise when discussing the more ambitious projects.

Fresh paint and steam cleaned carpets only begin to scratch the surface on the “can do” projects to prepare a home for sale.

Unfortunately it’s the gray areas that present the largest challenge. The costly improvements that may or may not result in a quicker sale, an offer for more money – or both. I call the areas gray because even the best real estate schools don’t train us to use a crystal ball, so we cannot see into the future and advise with that ever so helpful hindsight. So there will be no guaranteed rate of return on investment.

A simple Google search for “home repair cost-recoup” will reap some invaluable data. While perusing the data keep in mind these are national averages, unless you can find local information. Don’t dismiss these numbers all together though, they at least give some level of indication on each named project and they certainly can assist in your decision making process. Below is a chart of repairs and what they return on average borrowed from the National Association of Realtors® from mid-range homes.

When deciding which repairs will make the most sense the first thing to do is decide on a budget. If you don’t have $62,000 available, you likely won’t be doing a major kitchen remodel—even if your kitchen looks like a scene directly out of “The Brady Bunch”.

Before making a decision on repairs or upgrades before you sell contact us at Miranda Executive Realty. We can walk you through the best repairs to make within your budget to ensure you get the highest return on investment. As you can see from the chart above, not all repairs are created equal, and it doesn’t always make sense to do some repairs. While others make total sense. Let us be your Sherpa guide when navigating through the mountains of data for your repairs. We’re ready to make you as much money as possible, and spending as little money possible. You’re success is our goal.
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House hacks make life easier

Here’s a List of Our Favorite “Home Hacks”

May 30, 2017 / Category: Home Oranization

9 Home Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Home Hacks, who doesn’t love ‘em? I know I do.

But what about home hacks? Of course!

especially relevant because you don’t have to be an active home seller to appreciate some time saving organizational tips. But if you are selling your house, or preparing these home hacks will definitely help.

No matter what you call them they’re bound to bail you out when you face home troubles and you’re on a budget for the solution.Home Hacks

first of all, I’ve put together a few of my favorites as they apply to home selling. For ease of reading I kept them short. Feel free to contact us for a more thorough explanation. We hope they help,
see if you have any of these problems and if our home hacks can help.

    They are as follows

  1. Oil stains on your garage floor? We’ve all heard to use kitty litter. That’s great when it’s a fresh oil spill. In fact that’s exactly what you should do. But for those pesky oil stains that have been there for a while try scrubbing with Coca-Cola. Then dry it up with kitty litter.
  2. Too many plastic clips from bread bags? Use them on the plug end of your electronic devices where you plug them into your power strip. They hang perfectly on power cords and next time you have to unplug one device you’ll know exactly which one to unplug. Imagine not having to reset the date and time on all of your devices because you knew exactly which plug to unplug.
  3. Can’t keep all of your sheet sets together? Store your sheet and pillow case sets in one pillowcase. Now all you have to do is grab that one pillowcase and you have the entire set.
  4. Curtain rod hack #1: Hang a curtain rod from your ceiling somewhere near your washer and dryer. Then keep your hangers handy. Now you can organize all of your hang up shirts right away.
  5. Curtain rod hack #2: Under the kitchen sink. Hang a small section of curtain rod near the top. Now you can hang all of your bottles with spray nozzles up. Save the room on the floor space for the rest of your cleaners. You can also hang a small towel rack for the same effect.
  6. The fastest way to clean water spots off of your glass shower door. Dryer sheets are a fast and effective way to clean glass shower doors. Bonus tip: They’re also great for cleaning soap scum out of your bathtub.
  7. Too many board games stashed away? Remember to label the containers you’ve stored them in. You never know when you’ll need them for your family get togethers over for the holidays.
  8. Furthermore,

  9. Too many fingerprints on your stainless steel appliances? Rubbing alcohol with a microfiber cloth make cleaning stainless steel fast and easy. Just remember to always wipe with the grain.
  10. Showerhead not spraying right? Fill a baggy with vinegar and tie it around your showerhead overnight.


Finally, this is a small list of our favorite “home hacks”. We hope you like them. Let us know what are your favorite “hacks”?


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